I began my career in photography by taking a photojournalism class from John White, a Chicago Sun Times photojournalist. White's near religious passion for photography rubbed off on me and soon I was hooked on photography and documentary- style imagery. I decided to make photography my life's work.

After graduating Columbia College in photojournalism, I sweated it out at a few small newspapers in the Chicagoland area before selling all of my possessions to fund a move to England where I documented the homeless. Next, I traveled to Ireland where I photographed the political struggles plaguing northern Ireland.

After returning to the states, I took over a studio space formerly occupied by photographer Nancy Dressler. Nancy believed in me and helped me get started in business by giving me 20 rolls of film and one month free rent. She told me to "make it work" and I did!

Let me help you remember forever, who you are today.
Jennifer Wolfe
Wolfe Photography
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